Soltek K8TPro-939 on VIA K8T800 Pro

There appears sometimes such impression, that the marketing department of AMD Company is not connected in any way with manufacturing department. I'll explain: several months have passed since the moment when AMD declared release of younger models of Athlon64 Socket939 processors: 3000 + and 3200 +. Moreover, for this period the company has had time to reduce the prices for them to very and very attractive. But these processors weren't yet in the shops. As a result those users who planned to pass on perspective and high-efficiency Socket939 platform were compelled either to wait, or to buy the 3500+ processor which has not the best ratio "price/performance". Deficiency of processors lead to that motherboard manufacturers did not hurry in producing new models for this platform. But nevertheless novelties appeared, and one of them - Soltek K8TPro-939 board on VIA K8T800 Pro chipset.

Soltek K8TPro-939 specification

Soltek K8TPro-939


- AMD Athlon 64 (Clawhammer/NewCastle) with 200 Mhz bus frequency;
- Socket 939;


- VIA K8T800 Pro chipset;
- Southbridge VT8237;
- Connection between bridges: Ultra V-Link bus (1616bit)


- Four 184-pin slots for DDR SDRAM DIMM
- Maximum memory volume 4 Gb
- Supported RAM: PC1600/PC2100/PC2700/PC3200
- Dual-channel memory access


- AGP slot, supporting 4X8X mode

Expansion capabilities

- Five 32-bit PCI Bus Master slots;
- Eight USB 2.0 ports (4 built-in + 4 additional);
- Two IEEE1394 ports (Firewire; one built-in + 1 additional)
- Built-in AC'92 v2.3 sound subsystem;
- Gigabit Ethernet network controller;

Overclocking capabilities

- Changing FSB frequency from 200 to 300 Mhz with 1 Mhz step;
- Changing CPU, RAM, AGP and (2.5V) voltage.

Drive subsystem

- 2 UltraDMA133/100/66/33 Bus Master IDE channels (support up to 4 ATAPI-devices& RAID 0, 1, 0+1);
- Support of SerialATA protocol (2 channels - VT8237, with RAID support);
- Additional SerialATAParallelATARaid controller (Promise 20579 chip, 2 SerialATA channels, one ParallelATA channel);
- Support of LS-120 / ZIP / ATAPI CD-ROM


- 4 Mbit Flash ROM
- Award Phoenix BIOS with support Enhanced ACPI, DMI, Green, PnP Features and Trend Chip Away Virus


- One FDD port, one serial and one parallel port, PS/2 mouse and keyboard ports
- Motherboard power indictor
- Seven-segment POST codes indicator
- STR (Suspend to RAM)

Power management

- Wake-on by modem, mouse, keyboard, network, timer and USB;
- Standard 24-pin ATX (ATX-PW) power connector;
- Additional 4-pin power connector;

- Cool'n'Quiet technology


- CPU and system temperature monitoring, voltage monitoring, determination of 2 fans speed;


- ATX form factor, 244 mm x 305 mm (9.63" x 12")

Package set

  • Motherboard;
  • Software and drivers CD;
  • Additional software CD;
  • One aerodynamic ATA-133 cable, two ATA-133 cables, FDD cable;
  • Four SerialATA cables + two power adapters (four sockets);
  • Users guide in English + brief installation instruction;
  • Brochure with additional SW description;
  • Bracket with 2 additional USB2.0 ports;
  • RAID controller driver diskette;
  • Case back panel gag


    Despite certain lacks, we have come to conclusion that Soltek K8TPro-939 board is a successful product. The most important advantage of a board is a reasonable price which is about 113-120$. The user receives a quite good package set, very good expansion possibilities and magnificent productivity for this money.
    Only one serious lack - low overclocking results. Therefore for we advise to search for another board for overclocking.

    The conclusion


  • Good stability and excellent performance level;
  • Perfect RAM compatibility;
  • SerialATA support (4 channels; 2xRAID);
  • Additional SerialATAParallelATARAID controller;
  • Built-in 8-channel sound subsystem and high-speed network controller (Gigabit Ethernet);
  • Support of USB2.0 interface (8 ports) and IEEE-1394 (2 ports);
  • Cool'n'Quiet technology support.


  • BIOS flaws.

    Motherboard features:

  • Fine overclocking functions but low results.

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