Intel E7520, Intel D46916. SE7520BD2SATAD2

Intel E7520, Intel  D46916. SE7520BD2SATAD2

Features for Intel E7520, Intel D46916. SE7520BD2SATAD2

supp. for one or two Intel Xeon processors with an 800MHz system bus. supp. for Hyper-Threading Technology, Intel Extended Mem. 64 Technology (Intel EM64T), and Enhanced Intel SpeedStep technology. Intel E7520 chipset. Dual Mem.-channel architecture, six DIMM sockets (three DIMMs per channel) Registered 72-bit data ECC DIMMs for DDR 266/333, Mem. sparing and mirroring. High-performance I/O with supp. for PCI Express, PCI-X, and PCI and six independent PCI buses. Dual On board Gigabit Ethernet connections.



One or two Intel Xeon processors with an 800MHz system bus.

System Mem.

Capacity: Six DIMM sockets for up to 12 GB of Registered ECC DDR 266/333 Mem. (two Mem. channels with three DIMMs per channel); supp. for single-channel DIMM operation; minimum of 128MB Mem.. Type: Registered DDR 266 and DDR 333 SDRAM 72-bit, 184-pin gold-plated DIMMs (DDR 333 should be in BGA package; this is important for signal timing and margin). Reliability Features: ECC Mem. supp. to correct single-bit errors and detect double-bit errors; supp. Intel Single Device Data Correction (SDDC), scrubbing, retry on uncorrectable errors, Mem. sparing, Mem. mirroring.

On board Onboard

Chipset: Intel E7520 chipset. Intel Server Network Connections: One Intel 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet controller and One Marvell Yukon -EC 88E8050 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller, teaming and failover, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 1000BASE-T, RJ45 output. On board Management Controller: National Semiconductor PC87431M Platform Instrumentation ASIC. Graphics: ATI RAGE XL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video Mem..

On board Storage supp.

Parallel ATA: Single-channel ATA 100 (On board single coupler) two IDE devices. Serial ATA: Dual-channel SATA 100 (two couplers on the server board) On board mirroring and striping (RAID(redundant array of independent disks) 0 and 1).


PCI: Six total slots: one PCI Express x8, one PCI Express x4 (physical coupler is a x8 slot), one PCI-X 133MHz, two PCI-X 100MHz, one PCI 32-bit/33MHz 5V. IDE: One legacy IDE coupler for supp. of up to two IDE devices. USB(Universal Serial Bus): Three USB(Universal Serial Bus) 2.0 couplers at the rear of the board and two USB(Universal Serial Bus) headers via internal headers. Serial Ports: One external DB9 serial port; one internal serial port (which can become Emergency Management Port if system-management card supp. EMP). Floppy Controller: 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB, 3-mode supp.. Keyboard/Mouse Two PS/2 ports, 8240A-compatible.

Intel Server Management

On board Management Type: Onboard Platform Instrumentation. Software supp.: Intel Server Manager 8 family of software; upgradeable via custom add-in card to supp. Intel Management Module. Intel Management Module supp.: Professional Edition, Advanced Edition. Supp. Standards: IPMI, DMI, CIM, SNMP, ICMB.

Fully Validated Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0, SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9, and Novell NetWare 6.5.

System BIOS(basic input-output system)

Type: 4MB Flash ROM with AMI BIOS(basic input-output system), Multiboot BBS (BIOS(basic input-output system) Boot Specification). Special Features: Plug and Play, IDE drive auto-configure, SMBIOS(basic input-output system) 2.3, ECC/Parity supp., multilingual supp., enabled for Intel One Boot Update for BIOS(basic input-output system) updates, flashable, On board BIOS(basic input-output system) setup utility. Configuration Utilities: Server Configuration Wizard for system setup of BIOS(basic input-output system) utilities; Save and Restore System Configuration Utility and initial Intel Server Management 8 configuration.


CMOS clear, password clear, BIOS(basic input-output system) recovery.

Front-Panel supp.

Power button, reset button, diagnostic interrupt (front-panel NMI) button, system identify button, system ID LED, status/fault LED, chassis-intrusion switch and front-panel lockout; connection for optional Intel Local Control Panel for monitoring and control of the server from the front panel.


Board Style: SSI Entry E-Bay v3.0 and v3.5. Board Size: 12" * 13" (305 mm * 269 mm).

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