Abit IB9 on Intel P965. Features, Specifications, Reviews for Abit IB 9

Abit IB9 on Intel P965
The Abit IB9 Socket 775 ATX (for Advanced Technology Extended) Motherboard, Base Intel P965 Chipset, Supp. Intel Core 2 Extreme & Core 2 Duo & Pentium D & Pentium 4 & Celeron D Processors, Dual DDR2 800, PCI Express * 16 Video Card, SATA 3Gb/s Hard Drive, RoHS Compliancy. With Gigabit LAN(local area network).

Features for Abit IB9 on Intel P965

Solid State Capacitors - For Best Stability

100% Japanese Made Capacitors & Overclockability, Solid State Capacitors for Best Central Processing Unit Performance.

Highly Upgradeable - Expand Your Possibilities

Highly Upgradeable. 1 * PCI-E X16, 3 * PCI-E X1, 2 * PCI.

GbE - DSL Ready

High Speed Internet. 10 USB(Universal Serial Bus) Ports.

abit EQ - Keep in control of your hardware

abit EQ Hardware Monitoring.


CPU for Abit IB9 on Intel P965

Designed for Intel LGA 775 processors with 1066/800MHz FSB supp. 2006FMB. supp. Intel Core 2 Extreme & Core 2 Duo & Pentium D & Pentium 4 & Celeron D Processors.

Chipset for Abit IB9 on Intel P965

Intel P965 / ICH8 Chipset.


4 * 240-pin DIMM sockets supp. max. Mem. capacity 8GB. Supp. Dual channel DDR2 800/667/533 Un-buffered Non-ECC Mem..

LAN(local area network)

On board Gigabit LAN(local area network) controller supp. 10/100/1000M.


On board 7.1 CH HD Sound CODEC.

Expansion Slots

1 * PCI-E x16. 3 * PCI-E * 1. 2 * PCI.

Internal I/O

1 * Floppy Port supp. up to 2.88MB. 2 * UDMA 100/66/33 coupler (ITE8211F). 4 * SATA 3Gb/s coupler. 3 * USB(Universal Serial Bus) header (supp. 6 ports). 1 * FB-Sound, 1 * CD-In.

Back Panel I/O

1 * PS/2 Keyboard, 1 * PS/2 Mouse. 1 * S/P DIF Out. 7.1 CH Sound coupler (Front, Line-in, MIC-in, Center/Subwoofer, Surround, Rear Surround). 4 * USB(Universal Serial Bus) 2.0, 1 * RJ-45 LAN(local area network) coupler.

Serial ATA

ICH8: 4 * SATA 3Gb/s.

abit Engineered

abit SoftMenu Technology. 100% Japanese Capacitor. Central Processing Unit Low ESR and high ripple conductive polymer alumium solid capacitor.

Form Factor

ATX (for Advanced Technology Extended) form factor 305 * 245mm. PCB Color: Blue.


100% lead-free process and RoHS Compliancy.


Driver CD * 1. Manual * 1. IDE cable * 1, FDD cable * 1, SATA cable * 4.

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